iFile Cydia App DEB for iPhone iPod & iPad

iFile Cydia App DEB for iPhone iPod & iPad
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iFile Cydia App DEB for iPhone iPod & iPad: iFile Main Features

  • File manager and explorer
  • Image viewer [all images format: JPEG, PNG.. .],
  • Video player [many video formats] 
  • Audio player [many audio formats] 
  • DEB installer
  • Documents viewer [HTML, Microsoft types, PDF .. .]
  • Documents editor [Text files and property lists]
  • Files downloader and uploader (iFile’s built-in web server)
  •  ZIP packing and compressed file unpacking

Compatible with  iPhone (3G/3Gs/4/4s/5), iPod touch (3G/4G/5G), iPad (1/2/3/4/mini)

It allows fast navigation through the iPhone file system. You can directly view files of various types, e.g. movies, sound, text, HTML, Microsoft types, PDF, various compressed formats. For PDF files direct jumping to pages is possible. ZIP packing and compressed file unpacking is also supported. Files can be sent as email attachments. Text files and property lists can be edited. Folders and files can be bookmarked. In addition, files can be uploaded and downloaded from iFile’s built-in web server.

Install iFile via  Cydia

- Available for free in many sources:

  • Insanelyi
  • HackYouriPhone

Download  iFile DEB

v 1.9.1-1| Update
- Feature and Bugfix Release (iOS 4.x and later)
* Fixes
- Fixed crash when saving a modified file in Hex Editor.
* Enhancements
- Added WebDAV client with support for HTTP and HTTPS.
- Added Bonjour browser to find FTP, WebDAV and WebDAVS servers.
- Added Hex Editor. It can be opened via Open with… in a file’s Attributes Editor. It supports search, go to index, copy, cut, paste, delete, and undo/redo. Supported Gestures:
– Tap on line numbers changes between hexadecimal and decimal representation.
– Tap on hex/string fields sets cursor. Second tap on same position shows edit menu.
… long log.. .


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